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New Bring-a-Friend Program


Do you want to inspire and motivate your friends to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits by studying martial arts at LINXX Academy? With our new Bring-a-Friend Program, now you can! This program is perfect for those who have watched you grow into a more confident, centered, and fit individual and are interested in exploring all that we have to offer.

Traditionally, when searching for a martial arts academy, people just pick one that is closest to their homes. Interested students try a free class and then they are immediately pressured into signing a long-term contract on the spot before they can truly evaluate if the program is a good fit for their goals, schedule, and budget. This high-pressure, intimidating tactic—although effective at temporarily boosting attendance for a short period of time—diminishes the positive experience that we want every prospective student and their families to have when setting out on this exciting and life-changing journey. 

LINXX Academy designed the Bring-a-Friend Program to provide current students of all ages (youth and adult) with the opportunity to invite others to attend one of our beginner classes. During this fun and entry-level class, we will partner you up with your guests for the entirety, making them feel as comfortable as possible. With you by their sides as mentors, visitors will be able to experience first-hand what it is like to attend Tidewater’s premier martial arts training center!

After this complementary introduction, all Bring-a-Friend participants will be invited to participate in an unlimited 10-day trial at no cost. During this extended period, all potential students will be able to attend as many classes as they wish to get a good feel for the program.  

After this trial period, if your friend chooses not to enroll at LINXX Academy,
he or she can simply return the uniform—no questions asked. 

Participating in our Bring-a-Friend Program is easy. Simply look at our Monthly Events Calendar to find a Bring-a-Friend Program scheduled class time that works for both you and your guest and show up 15 minutes before class begins. We will take care of the rest! Please note that all children must have a signed permission slip in order to participate in the Bring-a-Friend Program.

LINXX Academy looks forward to meeting all of your guests during our Bring-a-Friend Program! We cannot thank you enough for sharing your love of the martial arts and helping us expand our family with more like-minded and dedicated individuals just like you! Your patronage and support will allow us to continue providing unparalleled instruction in the most up-to-date and safe training environment. For more information about our Bring-a-Friend Program, please ask someone at the front desk.