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Linxx Academy

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The Startle Response

‘We’re going to crash! This can’t be true! But what’s happening?’ were the last words from pilot David Robert on… Read More

The Linxx Academy Ethos

The Linxx creed, “Linking practical defense and personal development” was authored in 1996 to reflect the underpinning philosophy… Read More

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Welcome to LINXX Academy

LINXX Academy offers one of the most highly respected, quality martial arts programs in the nation. The choice to join LINXX is a choice to join a distinguished, time-honored martial arts academy that is rich in tradition.  From the day of its founding on March 16, 1992, LINXX Academy has grown in its size and stature, but it remains committed to the task of providing students with the most practical and effective self-defense skills, rooted in the principles of ethical-moral development.